Educational Travel: How to Get Permission and Justify the Experience to Your Local School

Have you ever been tempted to just take your kids out of school and hit the road? Maybe you worried about getting permission or how to demonstrate what your child would learn while traveling. Jennifer Miller skipped most of third and eighth grade because her family was traveling. Those were the best two years of her "schooling," and she went on to become a teacher herself! She will show you how to craft a pitch to your school administrators and how to quantify the learning for your child, and perhaps even benefit every child in your kid's class! ...more

The Stopover Secret: How to Get More From Any Trip

What do you know about stopovers? Did you know that with many itineraries, you can stopover in certain cities for a few days with little change to your budget (you can sometimes even add an extra flight for less!)? Adam Seper shares how stopovers can help you get more from any trip. Want to check out Dubai but donít have the funds to spend more than a few days there? How about a few days in Hawaii en route to Asia? Want to see the Great Wall but don't think fitting China into the itinerary makes financial sense? Want to see what London has to offer but don't have the budget for more than a day or two? Looking into your stopover options gives you the opportunity to see more for less. ...more

Travel, Work, and Live Anywhere in the World

The world is changing, and it's changing fast. Nearly every day I come across someone new on social media who is ready for a drastic life change, and many times that change involves creating a work environment that they are passionate about and gives them the flexibility to work when and where they want. The Paradise Pack will help you start making those changes NOW! ...more

Long Term Travel As Education

Have you ever wondered what long term traveling families "do about keeping up with school" for their kids? Perhaps you're asking the wrong question. Jenn Miller, world schooling mother of four, teacher by trade, discusses world schooling as a viable educational alternative. ...more

Wanna Travel Sooner?

Would you like to travel now, instead of later? Would you like to travel for six months instead of two? How about a lifetime? Jennifer Miller shares some secrets to funding your travels sooner rather than later. ...more

Slow Down!

With your map unrolled on the dining room table, it's tempting to keep adding dots to your itinerary. After all, you don't want to miss anything! Grab a glass of wine and sit down with Jenn Miller as she explains why they've learned to travel slower, and see the benefits of a less hectic pace for long-term travel. ...more