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BootsnAll Travel Theme Guides

Accommodation Travel Guide
Info on cheap vacation rental links, hostels, hotels and other places to lay your head.
Latest article: Top 10 Hostels

Air Travel Guide
Overcome your fear of flying, brush up on real traveler airline reviews, and browse our extensive list of airline links.
Latest article: Airport Overnighters: The ABCs of Catching Some Zs

Budget and Money Travel Guide
Realize the crazy (and cheap!) ways to take a trip. Seek out the three big budget-blowing culprits. Discover when to lay down the big money and when to leave it in the bank.
Latest article: How to Bank Securely While Travelling

Eco/Responsible Tourism Travel Guide
What is eco and responsible tourism? What can it do for you? Why should you care? More importantly, what does eco tourism do for the places you visit?
Latest article: Is That a Gibbon? Or is it a Langur? Popular Ecotourism Destinations

Family Travel Guide
Why having kids doesn't have to end your travel: lessons on making long-haul flight with infants and toddlers enjoyable. Discover the benefits of family hostelling and international education.
Latest article: One Week in Waikiki with a Toddler

Food and Alcohol Travel Guide
From BnAllers favorite recipes to information on local culinary delights. Learn more about "delicacies" like cobra, kangaroo and dog, the best way to eat well on a tight budget and how to say toasts in local languages.
Latest article: Food Thrills on the Road

GLBT Travel Guide
Research gay-friendly travel destinations and gather information on organizations useful to the gay or lesbian indie traveller.
Latest article: Gay Tours Explained

Health Travel Guide
Determine when and where you need insurance. Distinguish the difference between malaria medications. Establish what vaccines you need and what ones you can live without.
Latest article: Diabetic Backpacking

How-To Travel Guide
A handy list of how to do things on the road: clean your clothes, cook a hostel dinner, repair a missing button and more. A must-read for first timers and road-warriors alike.
Latest article: Efficient Energy Use in Europe: Energy Conservation Tips for Americans Traveling Abroad

Overland Travel Guide
Everything on planes, trains and automobiles...'cept replace 'planes' with 'buses'. Tricks for saving money on transportation and where to catch a cruise.
Latest article: Rail North America: Travel by Train in Canada and the United States

Senior Travel Guide
Life doesn't end at 50 - and neither does travel! Here's an information resource for those road warriors that will always be seeking another adventure.
Latest article: Japan Trip: More Tokyo and Return to Osaka - Tokyo and Osaka

Solo Travel Guide
Debunk myths about hitting the road alone and discover what makes traveling solo different in regards to safety, fun and experience.
Latest article: The Life of a Traveling Mochila

Spa Travel Guide
Most people view vacations as a way to relax. Here are some ways - and places - that ensure you'll come back better rested than ever before.
Latest article: Spa Etiquette Tips

Space Travel Guide
It's not as far out as you think: fascinating information on the history and future of space tourism. Read interviews with industry leaders while dreaming of your own inter-galactic odysseys.
Latest article: Q and A with Stacey Tearne of SpaceAdventures

Student Travel Guide
From student travel resources to student spring break hot spots - how to travel when mom and dad aren't paying.

Latest article: Guide to Semester at Sea Part Two: The Experience of A Lifetime

Study Abroad Guide
Research study abroad programs and learn how you can make studying abroad work for you. Read about the adjustments you'll have to make when living and learning overseas.
Latest article: Guide to Semester at Sea Part One: Applying and Preparing

Tech Travel Guide
The 411 on techno gear around the world. Discover if renting a phone is really necessary, why the GPS is best left at home and how to survive with - or without - your mp3 player.
Latest article: Smart Photography for Travelers

Travel Books, Guides & Resources
Look up suggested destinations for your favorite interests, travel light with packing tips, and master need-to-know info. Read articles from the voices of experience.
Latest article: Common Types of Visas

Travel Gear Guide
Pick out the best gear with informative articles on things to look for when purchasing critical gear like sleeping bags, tents and boots.
Latest article: A Wicked Wicking Report

Travel Industry Interviews
Interviews with industry leaders including free-stay site founders, travel writers, travel icons and those on the cutting edge of the travel world.
Latest article: State of the Travel Industry and Future Trends

Travel With Pets Guide
Whether you're flying with Fido or driving with Dover, read these tips on safe pet travel. Ready your pet for its next adventure with a checklist of "must have" items and brush up on the basics of hiking with dogs.
Latest article: Fur Child First Aid

Travel Writing Guide
Interviews with travel writers, notes on breaking into the business and inside info on challenges travel writers face while pursing their dreams.
Latest article: Does Sick Sell? Travel Writing from the Gut

Traveling with Disabilities Guide
This comprehensive guide offers insights on how to find an accessible room, as well as air travel tips for wheelers and slow walkers. Discover the best airline bathrooms and the hassle-free ways to deal with airport security.

Latest article: The Straight Poop on Accessible Airline Toilets

Volunteering Abroad Travel Guide
Where can I volunteer abroad? Why do I have to pay to work for free? How can I snag a position overseas? If you want to volunteer, you want to read this guide.
Latest article: Building Houses, Building Lives

Women's Travel Guide
An unflinching look at life for women on the road. Covers everything from dealing with your period to safety issues to makeup and hair. Offers tips on making friends with both locals and backpackers. Read other women's stories and learn how to get over the fear and go!
Latest article: Links for Women Travellers

Work Abroad Travel Guide
In the Work Abroad Travel Guide, research life as an expat and discover how to find a job overseas. Section also includes information on teaching English abroad (TEFL) and working holiday visas.

Latest article: Earning 10 Euros in Utrecht, Netherlands

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Latest article: Submitting Articles to Theme Guides

Recent Articles

Building Houses, Building Lives
home_aug06_building.jpgWes Weston wanted to find out whether he could change the world by volunteering for Habitat. He discovered, instead, that the world could change for one person.

Added September 12, 2006 in Wes Weston

Guide to Semester at Sea Part Two: The Experience of A Lifetime
It has almost been one year since my plane departed from Newark International Airport bound for the Bahamas. The Atlantis Resort provided a lush, tropical setting to start my journey...

Added September 11, 2006 in Tom Muller

Money in Europe: How to Deal with Foreign Currency
When planning a trip to Europe for the first or second time, you may find yourself a little confused by the issue of money. But how, when, and where do you exchange dollars to Euros or pounds? Should you use cash, a debit card, a credit card, or traveler's checks?

Added August 31, 2006 in Suzanne Pidduck

Efficient Energy Use in Europe: Energy Conservation Tips for Americans Traveling Abroad
Suzanne Pidduck points out that one of the biggest and most unexpected differences between Europe and America is energy conservation.

Added August 19, 2006 in How-To Travel Guide

American Standards and European Culture: How to Avoid a Disappointing Vacation Experience While Traveling in Europe
Many European vacationers plan their activities and accommodations with the assumption that everything else will be "like America." If so, think again!

Added August 08, 2006 in How-To Travel Guide